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ABC Abacus – Active Brain Center in Montreal is an educational facility focused on whole brain development and student tutorial services.

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Our Abacus Program

A program developed specially for the children between the ages of 4-13.

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Whole Brain Development

The ABC Abacus Program is designed to activate both hemispheres of the brain…

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What is an Abacus?

An abacus is a tool that is mastered by ABC students…

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Benefits of the Abacus

The ABC Abacus program offers a host of benefits…

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What is Mental Math

The ABC Abacus program offers a host of benefits…

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Referral Program

Your referral is incredibly valuable to enrichment of this program…

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Tutorials for Students

We provide affordable Mathematics, French and English tutoring for elementary and high-school level students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important that children of today is subjected to a greater competitive environment and they have to be slightly ahead of their peers.

Early experience and interaction with the environment are most critical in a child’s brain development. A 3-year-old toddler’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain. It is better to provide the children with the best opportunity for learning and growth during the periods when their minds are most ready to absorb new information is important. Hence it is ideal to start the program between 5-9 years.

You can see improvement in your child’s performance only after they have completed the 3rd level in our institute. Also learning capability of each child is unique and some children will show results much early.

No. A constant touch of the abacus is needed daily in the primary levels to enhance their learning ability. The child has to work on the abacus daily for at least 20 minutes at home.

Of course all these institutes train children in abacus methodology. But our program is unique in its own. We don’t ask our students to memorize any formula. Our children learn all mathematical operations in a easy to remember verbal format. We teach brain train exercises along with the curriculum.

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New Online Student Portal

The Montreal Active Brain Center (ABC Abacus) is proud to offer students, parents and teachers with a new online centralized portal to manage all school services in one place.

Students throwing graduation hats in the air celebrating

Student Graduation

The ABC Abacus Level VIII students have graduated from our abacus program. Over the years, they’ve developed strong skills that can now be used in many aspects of their life.

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